Things to see and do around
the Coorong & Meningie

Local Experiences

1 Pelican Path Yunti Ngopun Ngami – the Ngarrindjeri phrase for ‘Together We Walk’ captures the 400m interpretive path along the waterfront which highlights European, Aboriginal and environmental history of the Meningie region.

Pelican Path

2 “Birdman of the Coorong SA’s only genuine Bushranger

3 Meningie Cheese Factory Museum displaying local history including primary production and the fishing industry

4 Meningie Hill Lookout 360° views of the area

5 Flip-Flop Windmill believed to be unique to the area

Flip Flop windmill

6 Bird watching – the region is home to 230 bird species where you can follow the Coorong Birdwatcher’s Trail.

7 Pink Lake – the pink colouring is caused by a chemical called carotene produced by an aquatic plant, (Dunaliella salina), to protect it from the sun’s rays. The pink colouration increases as the lake dries out in summer

8 Point Malcolm Lighthouse overlooks the Narrung Narrows. It is the only inland lighthouse in the southern hemisphere, just 30 minutes drive from Meningie

Point Malcolm lighthouse

9 Raukkan Church depicted on the Australian $50 note and David Unaipon

10 Historic Mark Point Windmill, Limestone Tank and Trough situated on the Kartoo 4WD track

11 Camp Coorong Ngarrindjeri Cultural Centre and Museum

12 Coorong vantage points including Parnka Point, Long Point and Mark Point

13 Chinamans Well used by the Chinese travelling from Adelaide to the Victorian Goldfields in the 1850’s

Chinamans Well

14 Historic South Road Causeway “Very Good Water” rock

15 Jane McNinamen’s Grave, a local murder victim story

16 Jack Point Observatory a very large Pelican Rookery

17 Salt Creek’s replica Oil Rig Australia’s first oil drilling site

Salt Creek Oil Rig

18 Forty Two Mile and Tea Tree Crossing where the Ninety Mile Beach is a favourite Surf Fishing spot

19 Boothby Rocks a natural outcrop of Granite Rocks

Boothby Rocks

20 Alexander Tolmer’s Gold Escort Route which saved South Australia from bankruptcy.

Meningie places of interest

21 Lions Jubilee Park offers gorgeous views of Lake Albert and has electric barbecues, playground, boat ramp, jetty, fishing, public toilets and a safe swimming area to enjoy.

22 Turner’s Residence which was a former hospital.

23 Meningie Hotel, originally a single storey building est. in 1867.

Meningie Hotel

24 St John the Evangelist Anglican Church built in 1891. Meningie and other river towns were ministered to by clergy from the mission boat ‘Etona’.

25 The Institute built in 1889. Now ‘The Chambers’ and home to Coorong Cottage Industries Inc., and Visitor Information Centre. Here you will find home baked goods and a large selection of locally produced crafts. The front verandah is paved with flagstones dug from the Coorong.

The Institute

26 Old School Building built in 1889. The school and teachers residence.

27 Gundale Cottage, circa 1860, old Cobb & Co. change station about 1.5kms north of Meningie

Places of interest near Narrung

28 Campbell House and Campbell Park – homes of original landowners along Narrung Road

Campbell House

29 The Barrages at Pelican Point, where the fresh water meets the salty Coorong water. Home to a great number and variety of birds, however there is no public access

30 Poltalloch Station was established in 1839 by Neill Malcolm of Poltalloch Estate in Scotland. Today, it is on the Register of the National Heritage Estate (near Point Malcolm Lighthouse)

Local Coorong Experiences