Tolmer Gold Escort Route Loop Drive

The gold rush in New South Wales and Victoria left few able miners in South Australia. Bad economic conditions saw more than 15,000 men leave the Kapunda and Burra mines by the end of 1851.

Alexander Tolmer, Commissioner of Police in 1852 proposed that the gold won by South Australians should be brought back to South Australia under an escort consisting of only a few men.

Gold Escort Route Monument

In March a Gold Escort was on its way back to Adelaide with almost 6,000 ounces of gold for the vaults of the Treasury Building. After this successful trip Tolmer led two other escorts before handing over his duties. A total of eighteen gold escorts were made, the last one during November and December 1853 when Inspector Wyndham was in charge. You’ll find Gold Escort Route Monuments between Meningie, Coonalpyn and Tintinara.

2WD loop drive (some 4WD only sections) mostly unsealed roads. Weather permitting. Allow a full day to explore with some unique Mallee landscapes and hill top views.

Boothby Rocks

Gold Escort Route Loop Drive

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