Coorong Walking Trails

Walking Safely In The Coorong

Trails offer visitors an opportunity to delight in the many wonders of the natural world of the Coorong.

Protecting Coastal Dunes

There are 278 species of plants in the Coorong and the small shrubby vegetation on coastal dunes is a very fragile component of the environment. It is easily destroyed by off-road vehicles, sandboarding and removal of vegetation for firewood. This damage allows sands to shift and eventually de-stabilises the dunes. ‘Blow outs’ caused by strong onshore winds erode large swales in the dune system.

Some basic guidelines:

  • Wear sturdy shoes, hat and sunscreen
  • Carry sufficient drinking water
  • Keep to the defined walking trail and follow the markers
  • Inform a responsible person of your proposed route and expected time of return
  • Weather conditions can change quickly, ensure you have appropriate wet weather clothing.

Your Rubbish

Please don’t bury your rubbish in the sand. Animals find it. Please take it home or dispose appropriately and recycle. Please don’t place litter in campfires. Carry In, Carry Out.


All camping sites are clearly marked and tracks into them are well-worn and quite defined. Permits are required wherever you camp and must be purchased before setting up camp. Many local businesses and Department of Environment and Natural Resources offices are able to provide you with a permit. Self-registration stations are also located at larger campgrounds. Your camping fees help fund the provision and maintenance of facilities for park visitors.

Walking Areas and Trails

Godfreys Landing

Boat access

WALK – Easy – 1hr 3km return – Even surface and suitable for small children

Located 10km south of the Murray Mouth on the Younghusband Peninsula, this trail is accessible only by boat from Goolwa. It begins at the information shelter at Godfrey’s Landing and winds through the sand dunes to the ocean beach. At the ocean beach a lookout offers magnificent views of the breakers of the Southern Ocean. As you walk along the trail you might see wildlife such as Emus, kangaroos, sand dragons, sea eagles, blue wrens and Swamp Harriers. You will pass through swales of natural vegetation. The trail is clad with chained boards or ‘Dutch ladders’ which help with erosion and easier walking.

Chinamans Well Historic Site Journey to Gold Walk

16km south of Salt Creek along the Princes Highway, Chinamans Well is reached by a 1.3km smooth unsealed access road.

A step back in time, this area has a unique place in the local history of the gold rush days and the establishment of the stock, mail and communications routes. It is believed that the well was built in about 1856. The curved limestone blocks and the sandstone cap on the top of the well were obtained from nearby quarries. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore the area.

Jack Point Pelican Observatory Walk

The Jack Point Pelican Observatory is located 3km north of Policemans Point on the Princes Highway.

Enjoy a ten-minute walk from the car park through the dunes to the viewing shelter. Don’t forget to take your binoculars. This overlooks a cluster of small islands where pelicans, terns, seagulls have established large permanent breeding colonies. Along the trail, plants have been identified with informative signs. Many of them are important in Ngarrindjeri culture for food, medicine or basket weaving. At times of low water, you may return to the car park along the edge of the Coorong Lagoon.

Ngrugie Ngoppun Walk

Ngrugie Ngoppun are the Ngarrindjeri words for ‘good walk’.

This walk starts opposite the Oil Rig monument in the township of Salt Creek and connects with the Lakes Nature Trail (allow an extra hour). Alternatively, Ngrugie Ngoppun can be a circular walk via the historical and bird viewing legs of the walk.

Nukan Kungun Hike

Nukan Kungun are the Ngarrindjeri words for ‘look and listen’.

This 27km trail starts from Salt Creek and links the Ngrugie Ngoppun Walk, Lakes Nature Trail, Chinamans Well historic site and the ocean beach at the 42 Mile Crossing.

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